The Roman city of Verulamium

St. Albans is the name of the town that stands near the site of the ancient Roman City of Verulamium.  Verulamium was a major center in Roman Britain and there are several Roman ruins to be found in the city park and other places in the town.  In fact, Verulamium was so important that it was a municipum, meaning that citizens of Verulamium automatically became Roman citizens, with all the rights and protections afforded to any Roman citizen.  The town was sacked in AD 61, but was rebuilt in following years.  Verulamium was abandoned around AD 450 as the Roman influence waned.  The town of St. Albans sprung up around the legend of St. Alban, a Roman soldier who became the first Christian marytr in Britain sometime between 250 and 300 AD.  A great cathedral stands on the spot where St. Alban was said to have been buried.  There is also a Roman theater in St. Albans, the best preserved in England.  For more detailed history of St. Albans, please click here.  For more info on Verulamium, visit

TIBERIUS CLAUDIUS CAESAR AUGUSTUS GERMANICUS (or Claudius I for short), the Emperor of Rome 41-54 AD.  It was under his rule in AD 43 that the Romans invaded and conquered Britain.  For a complete biography of Claudius, click his picture.

St. Albans is in the County of Hertfordshire, about 20 miles NW of London.


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