In Salisbury itself can be found many fascinating things.  Most notable of these is the Salisbury Cathedral, which is one of the highest spires in England at 404 feet.  


cathedral side view.jpg (20768 bytes) This is Salisbury Cathedral.  That's me in the lower right, talking to David Smith, who is the chairman of the Salisbury Archaeological society, who I met while walking around the area.

cathedral_front_view.jpg (26976 bytes) This is a front view of the Cathedral.  The Salisbury Cathedral was started in 1225 and completed in 1258.  It holds one of the 4 known original copies of the Magna Carta, which in 1215 set forth some specific laws governing the power of the King.  It was kept in the cathedral through World War II, and while the surrounding area was hit hard by German bombing raids, the cathedral was spared.  Why?  Because with its 404 foot spire and nearby rivers, it served as a perfect landmark for German pilots.  Wouldn't do to bomb your landmark!   To visit the Official web site of the Salisbury Cathedral, visit

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