The Bath Abbey

The Bath Abbey was begun in 1495, on the foundations of a church built in 676.  Within it, several prominent Bath citizens are buried, and Edgar, the first king of a united England was crowned here.  Tthe Abbey is open for tours.  Visit the official site of the Bath Abbey at


bath_abbey.jpg (26319 bytes) This is the Bath Abbey.  It shares a courtyard with the Roman Baths that were built almost 1500 years earlier.  The Abbey is the home to an Anglican order, and open for tours.

abbey.jpg (12595 bytes) This is a shot of the Abbey from the front door.  I found this on

statue outside abbey.jpg (41552 bytes) Outside the Abbey a sculptor was working on a new statue for the millennium celebration.  That's me checking out the progress.  The statue is done now, you can see the finished product at

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