The spa town of Bath


For centruies, Bath has been a resort and spa town, as people come to enjoy the water of the natural hot springs.  According to tradition, the 9th king of the Britons, Bladud was stricken with leprosy in his youth.  Lepers were highly contagious, so his father the king was forced to exile his son.  Bladud took a job as a swineherd and noticed that his pig were cured of sores and scabs when they bathed in the mud in the hills around what is today Bath.  Bladud bathed in the mud too, and was cured of his leprosy, and was returned to his father's court, where he became king in 863 BC.  His son, was King Lear, of Shakespeare fame.  Since that time, travellers have come to Bath to "take the waters" (bathe in the springs and drink the water) and be cured of various ailments.

Bath is a little over 100 miles west of London.

The Roman Baths

Bath Abbey

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