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Back to the old site design.  Probably the only people that will notice are my mom and dad.  Hi guys!

Too much has happened since the last "regular" post to even hope to catch up on it all, so lets just hit the high points: Packers WIN!  Grace turned 9, Katelyn turned 5, re-elected to the North Palos District #117 Board of Education, Cubs suck, Sox suck, Bulls were good but got killed by Miami, Lebron lost, we went on vacation to St. Augustine FL, Savannah GA and Charleston SC, Sky are iffy so far.  I think I got most everything that needed getting

The vacation was really cool.  St. Augustine has a really cool old fort and several historic buildings.  Savannah is a great town to just walk around in and Charleston....well I loved Charleston.  I suppose everyone has to go see Ft. Sumter once, but for me, once was enough.  It was mildly interesting I suppose but sort over overrated.  For my money, Ft. Moultrie was much cooler.  And if you go to Charleston and don't see The Hunley, well shame on you.  And while I wouldn't call it fun per se, I think the Old Slave Mart Museum is a necessary stop.  But the real coolness of Charleston is Charleston itself.  Its a great town to just walk around and take in all the fantastic architecture and history.  Speaking of walking, I strongly suggest taking the photo tour.  It was a mix of history and tips and tricks for taking pictures of the town.  Grace loved the picture taking part (and her pictures came out really good) and I enjoyed the history.  When Debbie told me "we're taking a photography tour" I was like, "um, OK I guess."  I need to listen to Debbie more often.

Well, I suppose that's enough babbling for now.

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When was the last time a baseball team (or any team in any sport for that matter) spent so much money and got so precious little in return?  Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2011 Chicago Cubs!







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